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MOOJI – The Whole World Is at Home

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In this inspiring and uplifting short video, Moojibaba offers us great encouragement during the coronavirus pandemic. He shares that this challenging time is a powerful opportunity for humanity to come together, to put aside our superficial differences and use this time to begin to change and to wake up to our true nature. “Within you, there is a place of real stillness and peace, a depth and a beauty. God bless you that this coronavirus will do its work but come to an end and we will continue to grow as human beings and indeed maybe even come to create a very wonderful world.”

These words are from the video, “Remaining True in a Time of Crisis,” which you can watch here:…

This video has been lovingly edited by Benja Rodriguez. ~

More videos and Satsang resources in the light of the current crisis can be found on this page:

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