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Cotton Conscious clothing, design, and curate a range of limited edition handwoven and handspun organic cotton scarves and slow fashion organic cotton clothing. Using traditional techniques these Indian Khadi cotton, fair trade fashion accessories include block printed dresses, lovingly handmade by Indian artisans. As a conscious consumer buying natural lifestyle products from Cotton Conscious you are helping support cottage industries in Rishikesh, India.


Please contact us if you cannot find a product you have previously seen on our Cotton Conscious website or you have spoken to us personally in London or India about an item you would like to order. We have stock that is not shown on the website as we sell many of our items physically.

WE USE KHADI a Sanskrit word meaning ‘hand-woven’ and ‘hand-spun’ and has been described as the fabric of Indian independence. Promoted by Mahatma Ghandi in 1918 nearly all of the fabric used in our products is Khadi. This Indian homespun Khadi cotton cloth is slowly woven from cotton and may also include silk, or wool, which are all spun into yarn on a spinning wheel called a charkha. The feeling and quality of our handmade items you will not find in mass production and Khadi continues to be the coolest most comfortable and timeless fabric.


Khadi is only seemingly expensive. I have pointed out that it is wrong to compare khadi with other cloth by comparing the prices of given lengths. The inexpensiveness of khadi consists in the revolution of one’s taste. The wearing of khadi replaces the conventional idea of wearing clothes for ornament by that of wearing them for use – (Gandhi)

I believe that where there is pure and active love for the poor there is God also. I see God in every thread that I draw on the spinning wheel. – (Gandhi)

If we have the ‘khadi spirit’ in us, we would surround ourselves with simplicity in every walk of life. The ‘khadi spirit’ means illimitable patience. For those who know anything about the production of khadi know how patiently the spinners and the weavers have to toil at their trade, and even so must we have patience while we are spinning ‘the thread of Swaraj’. The ‘khadi spirit’ means also an equally illimitable faith. Even as the spinner toiling away at the yarn he spins by itself small enough, put in the aggregate, would be enough to clothe every human being in India, so must we have illimitable faith in truth and non-violence ultimately conquering every obstacle in our way.

The ‘khadi spirit’ means fellow-feeling with every human being on earth. It means a complete renunciation of everything that is likely to harm our fellow creatures, and if we but cultivate that spirit amongst the millions of our countrymen, what a land this India of ours would be! And the more I move about the country and the more I see the things for myself, the richer, the stronger is my faith growing in the capacity of the spinning wheel. – (Gandhi. 1927)

Khadi Cotton
Gandhi at the Charkha, Khadi cotton spinning wheel

“Khadi cotton fabric is made by hand, not machine and is therefore of superior quality”

Cotton Conscious, a small slow fashion company offering, handwoven, organic cotton scarves and organic cotton clothing, designed by us and handmade in Rishikesh, India.

We believe handmade is the new luxury“.